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Embellished Tunic

A tunic top is featured in various styles to make the apparel more appealing. And, if there are plenty of embellishments in a floral motif, it only adds to one's personality. An embellished tunic can include contrast threading, little metallic beads and monochromatic sequins. A sequin tunic or a designer tunic can just change the way you look.

You can go for crystal- embellished tunics in winter. It is an absolute hit with skinny jeans and leggings. Apart from it, your tunics can be embellished with rhinestones and accessory appliqués to add charm to your outfit. A black silk chiffon tunic with golden paisley embellishments at the neck is an absolute delight and can include separate camisole.

Embellished tunics are a perfect match for your cotton/spandex stretch denims. Not only do they add comfort but are a style statement in their own right. And, they don't cost you a fortune.

Embellishments can bring life to a faded garment with its unique dye treatment. Embellished tunic -style tees having embellishments on ¾ length sleeves and matching crochet-trimmed V-neck are a delight to look at. All varieties of tunics - cotton, silk, etc. can be embellished. Care has however to be taken that they are hand washed in cold water and line dried.

Embellished tunics are a perfect way of enhancing the look of any tunic. Tunics can be embellished with linen textured drapes as well as hand block print motifs. Tunics embellished with floral runner patterns in matching dual colors are an unusual but striking combination. It is also possible to have tunics embellished at the sleeves and hems to enhance their looks. Embellishment around the neck and sleeves add a touch of class and are in themselves a statement of casual elegance.

Embellished tunics allow you to showcase your elegant taste to dazzle one and all. The versatility of the apparel is such that you can wear it everyday or use it to celebrate a special rare occasion.



Cotton Tunic

Cotton tunics are everyday tunics. This most comfortable apparel is appropriate for all age groups. A slightly heavyweight, ribbed cotton tunic with a faintly knotted texture is most suitable for everyday wear. A cotton tunic is one of the easiest pieces of garb to make and is one of the most versatile to use.

Cotton tunics can be unisex and even styled specifically for men and women in the form of a tunic shirt or tunic dress. The advantages to be had with cotton tunics are that they are cheap, lightweight, wash well and easy to work with. Cotton is generally associated with simplicity, but fancier fashion tunic varieties are also available.

One also has the choice of opting for beautiful crushed cotton tunics in different colors with dramatic embroidery around the neck and sleeves. This in itself is a statement of casual elegance. You can pair it with your jeans when you step out for a relaxing brunch.

Cotton tunics can be worn with cute cover-ups having sequin and beading detail on the front and back. To further enhance its looks, it can be embroidered at the sleeves and hem. The designer tunic variety also comes with linen textured drapes, hand block print motifs, and floral runner patterns in matching dual colors making for an unusual combination.

Cotton tunics that have hand block printing in rich and vibrant colors create an effect of sensationalism. Hand block printing on cotton is a craft handed down through generations in which wooden blocks are used to create the desired effects. Once pigment printing is completed, the fabrics are dried out in the sun as part of the fixing process.

Cotton tunics allow every man and woman the luxury of excellence in clothing. They are delicately made and suited for that rare and elegant taste to dazzle anyone with the kind of Asian, American, or European style you exude.

Embroidered Tunic

It is considered quite cool to have an embroidered tunic top. These days it is very rare for anyone to visit a major departmental store or mall and not see an embroidered tunic. It is in most likelihood to be the Indian kurta. An embroidered tunic has become a popular and fashionable statement not only for women, but men as well.

The Indian silk tunic is very intricately hand-embroidered and has been part of the traditional dress in every region. Both men and women, wear these hand-embroidered silk tunics in a variety of ways. You will love the loose, flowing fit that these embroidered tunics have to offer. Combined with the traditional embroidery skills is the scattering of sequins, which can add sparkle to the high quality, snow-white silk tunic.

For the tunic lover, there is also the embroidered Taj tunic. A very ultra-feminine Taj neck tunic makes it comfertable during sleep. It matches best with an embroidered pant style. The embroidered Taj tunics have an embroidered neck with beading detail and front tie. You have to ensure that it is carefully machine-washed.

You have the luxury of creating a stylish outfit by preferring to opt for embroidered tunics. It is possible for you to instantly achieve style and sophistication by wearing embroidered tunics. Embroidered tunics allow you the luxury of being able to add an exotic touch to your wardrobe.

While going in for a tunic, keep an eye for the embroidered trim and detailing. Ensure that the measurement of the embroidered tunic is appropriate from shoulder to hem. Embroidered tunics are available in a variety of color schemes. Embroidery adds just the right touch to the tunic, which is sure to acquire compliments for you. Moreover, if you were to wear an embroidered tunic with a pair of jeans the combo would be absolutely smashing. Embroidered tunics will provide you value for money apart from looking stylish.

History of the Tunic

Looking back at the history of the tunic is quite an interesting experience. One has to rely a lot on estimation. The ancient Egyptian art forms show women wearing tunics to keep warm. What is interesting is that women staying indoors wore highly embellished tunics. The ancient Egyptian tunics were made from linen with a lot of artwork.

On the other hand, for the ancient Romans it was the other way round. In Rome, it was the man who wore the tunic. The lower class working man would wear only a tunic made of wool. For the ancient Roman, the tunic, as with almost everything in their society, denoted status and class.

The Medieval Times were witness to the adoption of the Roman tunic, but with both the genders wearing it. A long tunic was used as an undergarment. And, another tunic was worn over that with a bordered overtop.

The history of the tunic can be traced back to Britain too. The first undershirts were sleeveless and made of wool. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the queen or a member of the royal family was to inspect the royal fleet. It was then believed indecent for the men’s underarms to be seen while they were working. They, therefore, ordered to sew sleeves on, thereby creating the famous “T” shape tunic.

Tunics were an ancient dress in Ireland too, which was later introduced in Scotland. However, there is not much evidence to support this. Only stone carvings on crosses and monuments in Ireland dating before the 11th century claim figures wearing something resembling Irish tunics.

Creating further confusion are the many figures of soldiers and knights wearing quilted armor. There are many figures in Ireland and Scotland of men in action in actons/cotuns in early middle ages. These are long, heavy tunics which were quilted and padded, and served as light armor.

Tunic Pattern

A tunic pattern is essential as it helps you to create a tunic that will complement your body and life style. Individually designed creative patterns can simply enhance the appeal of your simple and elegant tunics. Tunic patterns can be harmonious or wildly contrasting, in accordance with what suits one’s personality.

A tunic pattern made to resemble the letter “T” when laid out on a flat surface is the “T-tunic”. Another tunic pattern called the “Burgundian” has very wide lapels around a very deep “V” neckline. With this tunic pattern, a wide belt may be belted very high below the bust. This pattern can also be made with tight narrow sleeves.

A tunic pattern in the form of an ankle-length skirt stiffened with hoops of changeable diameters at intervals up the skirt is the “Farthingale”. The farthingale pattern is of three main types. The first is the Spanish Farthingale that is round or bell shaped. A squarer one is the English Farthingale. The drum shaped farthingale is the one that you usually associate with the Queen herself.

A tunic pattern, which covers the portion between the dress and the neck, is the partlet. It covers the chest and shoulders to different degrees and it is tied under the arms. The partlet has the ability to make tunics more modest or even veiled and enticing. The partlet can be gathered to a tight band at the neck. It can also be made to lay flat with only the front two or three inches gathered to the neckband.

A houpeland is a tunic pattern that resembles a huge dress with big drapery sleeves. A houpeIand has a high neckline and is worn belted. In this pattern the front is left unhooked or unbuttoned.

A tunic pattern should first be sewn with scraps, as satin can be expensive.

Crocheted Tunic Pattern

Crocheted tunic patterns in the form of complex embroidery, often in styles unique to a particular area are a defining feature of ceremonial dresses. Crocheted tunic patterns also represent internal dynamism through which the living history of a culture may be read and understood.

Crocheted patterns are done very minutely and carefully so that no crocheting is missed in the last stitch of each row. Double crochet tunic patterns are also available in various sizes. If you are keen on doing the design yourself, carefully check the size and gauge of the crochet hook.

The crocheted tunic pattern dates back to about 700-800 years. Accurately crocheting a tunic pattern is not a very straightforward affair as it might seem. You can see that the use of treadle looms and a range of luxury yarns, such as silk and metallic thread have gained prominence in crocheted tunic patterns. These are a complex piece of embroidery, which lend style to your attire.

Available in a wide variety of textiles, each crocheted tunic pattern has a particular significance and method of production. A discerning eye will be able to distinguish between designs of the antique kind and modern contemporary patterns. Each row in a crocheted tunic pattern is so intricately woven that it is a marvel. Whenever you decide to go for a crocheted tunic make it a special point to note that the last stitch of each row looks alike. This will ensure that the last stitch has been crocheted properly to give a uniform look to the pattern.

These patterns can be both dull and eye appealing depending on the color scheme and design. A crocheted tunic pattern can look stunning as it is designed to enchant through its excellent workmanship. To add some color to your plane white tunic, pick up a crocheted tunic pattern or two locally or from designer shops.

How to Make a Tunic

Tunic construction can inspire with its clothing techniques, style and class. You need to first gauge the pieces of the tunic and think about how they would go together.

The body piece forms the front and back of the main part of the tunic. You have then to attach the sleeves to the body piece. Next come the gores. Gores are the triangular pieces of fabric that give you room to move in the “skirt” of the tunic. In case you want more movement, they should be wider at the bottom. For a knee-length tunic, 11” is an appropriate size while it can be twice as much for floor length. The square pieces of material, known as gusset, are added which give ease at the underarms.

While making a tunic, the next issue is how much fabric will be required. It is only after taking your measurements that you will be able to decide this. You must note to make the entire tunic out of the same fabric so that the gores, sleeves, etc., match the body.

While making the tunic note down the measurements of the head, neck, chest, tummy, hips, the area back of the neck to waist, the upper arm circumference, hand circumference, shoulder to level where you want the slit to end, shoulder to waist, waist to hem and shoulder to hem.

Always keep in mind to note the largest dimensions, as tunics need to be loose garments so that you are in a position to move comfortably. After adjusting the measurements, cut out the pieces.

Cut out the long body piece first and cut a tiny slit at the shoulder line on each side. Then you can cut the two sleeves and gores. Cut two gussets and then cut each gusset in half on the diagonal. After folding the body piece along the centerline only, cut the neck hole. Once you cut the neck slit and center front and center back gore slits, the work is accomplished. Sew them together and the tunic is ready.

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